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Our values

Our foundation philosophy is built upon 5 core values. We believe that these values give Smart Labour Consultant the competitive advantage over other labour practitioners. The main goal is client retention and establishment for long-term business relationship.


Impartial and just treatment or behavior without favouritism or discrimination

Solution driven

Solution driven refers to starting with an assured solution and then working towards fitting it to the problem (which include reformulating the problem so it will fit).


The quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well.


“What really matters in the work place is helping employees to feel appreciated.” Employees recognition is the timely, informal or formal acknowledgement of a person or team behavior, effort or business result that supports the organisation’s goals and values and which has clearly been beyond normal expectations.


It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work. Acting with honor and trustfulness are also basic tenets in a person with integrity. People who demonstrate integrity draw others to them because they are trustworthy and dependable.

Company background

Company background

Smart Labour Consultant ensures to provide sound advice to facilitate fair labour practices. All consultants have both educational and practical experience within the field of Labour Law and are carefully selected to maintain and protect our unmatched reputation. Our goal is to assist and represent employers in time-consuming labour disputes to prohibit it from escalating beyond control.

  • VISION: To change the way employers view their most valuable asset, it’s employees.
  • MISSION: Providing reliable support to any company by implementing strict but fair disciplinary measures in the work place.

Meet the dream team

Thandi Thekiso

Thandi Thekiso


Duke Thekiso

Duke Thekiso

Managing Director


We have services for a monthly retainer fee or once off, we cater for the needs of clients as per their business needs or requirements.

Retainers Service

  • Company Culture: Specialist in creating a harmonious and effective company culture where high trust and expectational perfomance is guaranteed;
  • Perfomance management: implementation of perfomance enhancement programs, monitors and perfomance evaluation maintenance programs;
  • Unlimited consultations and/ or daily labour assistance;
  • Unlimited assistance with dispute regulating bodies such as the Department of labour, CCMA or relevant Bargaining Council;
  • Unlimited assistance in HR/ IR related matters which include: Counseling session, warnings, grievances, retrenchments, disciplinary hearings or any other internal dispute;
  • Union meetings including strike negotiations, settlement and wage negotiations;
  • Implementation and/ or facilitation of collective and/ or recognition agreements; and
  • Assistance with department of Labour inspection.

Additional Comprehensive Services

  • Full comprehensive Labour Risk Report, analysis and implementation (we ensure you are fully compliant with all essential Labour Act including the LRA, EEA & OHSA);
  • Update Wall Charts (BCEA, EEA & OHSA);
  • Employment Contract revision and implementation;
  • Personalized Job Description revision and implementation;
  • Comprehensive Policy revision and implementation according to industry and clients needs;
  • Access to all agreements, policies, contracts, disciplinary code and labour relation templates;
  • UIF and COIDA compliance;
  • Employment Equity plans and implementation; and
  • Occupational health and safety implementation.

We are here to assist with all your labour law compliance requirements!


1. What is the difference between Labour Law and Employment Law?

Both Labour and Employment Law look at the legal relationship the employer and employee, in particular the legislation that governs that relationship.

2. Who or what is an “Employee”?

The Basic conditions of Employment Act and the Labour relations Act define an employee as “any person who works for another person or for the state and receives remuneration.” This definition excludes an independent contractors because they are considered self employed.

3. What is the difference between ‘Subtantive fairness’ and ‘ Procedural fairness when it comes to a dismissal?

Substantive fairness is about considering whether was there a fair reason to dismiss the employee?

Procedural fairness is about considering whether was there a fair procedure before the Employee was dismissed?


This Act applies to all Employers and employees except the national intelligence services and unpaid volunteers in charitable purposes. It also applies to persons undergoing vocational training. It does not apply to persons on vessels at sea.

5. Is the Employee entitled to UIF if they resign?

No, an employee who has resigned may not claim unemployment benefits from Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

6. What benefits are employees entitled to receive when they are dismissed?

Apart from receiving their salary until the date of dismissal, they are also entitled to be paid out for accrued annual leave days that were not taken and any overtime work that was exchanged for days off but not yet taken. The Employee can also claim from the Unemployment Insurance Fund and his/ her pension or provident fund if he/ she belonged to one.

7. To which level of employee does the BASIC CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT ACT apply?

Employees below senior management level earning below the statutory threshold, which changes from time to time.

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